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Professional, client focused technical support when you need it most.

Conference and event technology is becoming incredibly advanced and complex as people want more and more bang for their buck. Audio Visual is no longer a case of analogue desks and a projector,Wifi, LED, intelligent lighting, projection mapping as most venues have digital audio & lighting systems built in.

You need someone who knows the difference between their DMX and their DSP. You also need someone who can integrate with your in-house team while providing the same high standard of customer service to the client as you would.

At Dynamic Live Events we pride ourselves on providing the best customer experience coupled with the flexibility to meet your needs. In light of this and increasing customer demand, we are now offering an on-demand technical support service for your venue or event.

Our operatives specialise in:

With recognised qualifications, practical experience and rigorous training gained working on our own events. Our individual operatives and technical teams are well versed in customer service while maintaining a professional appearance and can do attitude.

For more information on the support we can provide whether your need is simple or complex, contact Dynamic Live Events now.

Event crew services: 

Dynamic are proud to provide the very best event crew to assist with the production of your event.

Our crew have worked on various events including corporate events, exhibitions, festivals, conferences, sporting events & more.

We also are able to provide local crew for events across the country so that your event will always go without a hitch.

Office opening times:
Monday to Thursday: 9am till 5pm
Friday : 9am till 2pm

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